Roll Out by Robert McCall 1964

Everyone has been saying it- but it does seem unreal that we went to the moon for the first time 40 years ago!
I am not surprised that we stopped going. It was a far and hard reach for the technology of the time. People forget that it was a "race". Real space is nothing like "Star Wars" or "Star Trek". Real space is very cold and very, very big.
This is a wonderful painting by Robert McCall which appeared in Life magazine when I was a kid. I carefully cut it out [both pages] and put it in the center of my bulletin board in my room. I was nine.
In 2000, when I was finally learning about computers and scanning, I tracked it down at the Cuyahoga Falls library.
Robert McCall did a lot of high-profile work for NASA and the aerospace industry. He did the posters for Stanley Kubrick's "2001". Today, I am very disappointed by the cheap computer cartoon style of illustration used by NASA and many science publications.