...that which inspires

The movies that I saw when I was a child had a huge impact on me and shaped the artist I have become. 
When I was ten I saw "Doctor Zhivago".

Before there were DVDs or cable, when wide-screen flat HD/TVs were only science fiction,
a very big movie like this had a major influence on popular culture. Everyone saw this movie.

By that winter we were all wearing Russian great coats and big furry hats.

Julie Chistie, the young British actress, who played the central character of "Lara" became forever etched in my mind as the ultimate heroic beauty.

Unfortunately the movie also became a template for my future romantic life. Zhivago, the poet and doctor, spends a large part of this four hour masterpiece wandering through the frozen wastes of Siberia in search of Lara- only to meet a tragic end when he finally finds her. It's Russian.

As I said I was ten and it was 1965, so my concept of romance didn't go much beyond deep soulful gazes and quick stolen smooches. My adoration of Julie Christie was pure.

The point is that Julie Christie's beauty, David Lean's cinematic genius and Maurice Jarre's soul stirring soundtrack planted a yearning in my little boys heart. A yearning that later would only find solice thru art, photography and especially fashion photography. Perfect and un-obtainable women. Ah- the exquisite heartbreak!

Frostbitten and weary, I am still clutching my frozen camera as I stagger the Siberia of my soul, looking for my "Lara".
Oh my god, that last part is so corny I am going to have to move and change my name!

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