...looks like a scene from "North By Northwest".

... hoping for the Armistice

Rather ghostly. I've been watching a lot of old "Twilight Zone"s lately

Always interesting to re-create an image from the past.
sepia color common to old photos was not there originally-
it is a result of the image fading over the years.

Wonderfully nude, yet partially clothed.

Unless the Blog Police come after me I am not going to put up one of those Orwellian warnings-
"Halt, Stop, Beware - nudity ahead!"
This is clearly Art and I do not intend to post that which is not.

...nice thing about making 'propaganda' is that there is no pretense.

These a part of a long genesis that started with playing with color Xeroxing in the early 1980's.

Barry Benjamin- host of "Sustainable Life"

Top photo is the one I wanted to go with. Client kept pestering me to do something more extreme "out of my comfort zone". So I tried for over the top, then more, and more and more....

I kind of like it- has a Christmas tree feel.

...girl in headwrap

... am currently experimenting with a background for this image- where, where in the Universe do I want her to be?

'Podkayne of Mars' - portrait

Inspired by the heroine of Robert A. Heinlein's novel of the same name. One of the first science fiction novels I read; when I was about nine.
Clarke, Heinlein, Asimov and Bradbury are the great , classic science fiction writers that have had a great influence on my imagination.

big is best....

I spent a lot of time worrying about how to keep the evil dark ones of the Internet from stealing my photos. Make them small, low resolution, watermarks plastered all over them, mean messages that pop up when you right click. There were all sorts of ways and means. They all added up to lessening the enjoyment and impact of the image. The bad-guys had already won and I hadn't even posted anything yet!

So you get to see my pictures big- without guard-dogs or taking your shoes off.

If you try to steal my photos an ancient curse will fall upon you- and I'll sue you and make a lot of money AND Ninjas will crash into your bedroom late at night and cut you into unrecognizable pieces- not necessarily in that order.

A good prop can make a photo.
Re-tweaked this for the umpteenth time. Original was shot with a Nikon on Panatomic-X.
Printed 16x20 and then painted over with Marshall's Oils. Then rebuilt in Photoshop.
no fish were injured in the production of this photo
model: Joe Glassberg- he was not injured either.

Northshore Magazine- bridal fashion

Why go on location when it's more fun to build a woods in the studio?
I am fascinated by the storybook feel of "location sets" from old movies. For me studio photography is not reality- but how we think reality looks.