... Cindy Adams on Kodachrome

... some redheads are 'pink', some redheads are 'gold'. Cindy is a 'pink' redhead.

This is as far as Kodachrome 25 in 35mm format would go. Above that and it was up to God.

... portrait of a college student.

... Megan Neel, and her family for generations to come, are glad they commissioned me to photograph such a wonderful face.

... after I posted this shot, I took it down and cropped it tighter.
One of the complications of having a commercial background is that I tend to leave more 'air' around the subject than is needed. I do this all the time even though I much prefer a tighter more dramatic crop.

I suppose it is a 'good' habit which I must simply learn to be aware of and make the appropriate choice based on final use.

... Alana (cropped)

... corporate

... digital/ computer photography has allowed me to do a pretty fair job with subject matter I would have never attempted in the past!