... tactical eye-wear

... series for a hi-tech research company producing liquid crystal variable tint technology.
Used for websites and large-scale display at conventions.

... heirs apparent

... knowing from experience that there is no way to get four people to all give their best expressions at the same time; I photographed each of them separately during the same session. Then photo-shopped everyone together.

... Renik in black

... for a long time I did not particularly like this image. It was a mistake. The background strobe did not fire. But so many others have responded to it that I am beginning to give it a second look.

Serendipity wins out.

... 'The Minx'

... first successful digital spray on latex costume- all pixels, no fuss, no muss!

mask by Tom Banwell:

... Martin Hauser- Summa Healthcare

... the second in a series of portraits of business leaders of Akron, Ohio. This was the shot that helped
to explain to the other VIP's why I needed to shoot them 'in studio'. Marty runs the insurance division of the huge conglomerate that is Summa Health Care. Since I've done a lot of research on 1940's and 50's advertising, it was easy to pull inspiration from the dramatic insurance advertising of that era. My 
biggest mistake was not spraying him with a little water. It took hours to photo-shop the rain onto that trench-coat!