... Mr. Forensic Psychology!

... shooting and 'art directing' for top legal consultant and expert Ken Manges PhD.

Prototypes: the top image for his 'media' on-camera personality site. The lower image for his 'courtroom' site. 

... have chosen 1440 dpi as the relevant median monitor resolution and 16x9 as the ratio.
It is a high-resolution, widescreen world out there!

... Dark Queen

... the evil, murderously jealous Queen and her Magic Mirror from 'Snow White'.

... Dark Queen (detail)

... for some reason the Poison Apple from the 'Snow White' story eluded me for about six months. It seemed like a simple prop to 'build', but at first all the results were awful. Then, after leaving it alone for a long time, it all just came together. In some versions of the story it is deadly on only one side; so the Queen cane take a bite out of the unpoisoned part to show Snow White it is safe.

... Jeanine

... a good model is a special kind of actor. They are able to evoke a story in the viewer's mind. Very subtle. It is a 'transcendental' experience.

... Jeanine with ruffles.

... 'restoration' of a shot from the Chicago studio. Jeanine O'Connell: one of my favorite models.

... Ichabod Ysabel

.... some of the results of cooperative with Mask Artist Tom Banwell. This is a good example of a photograph that just builds itself. My original ideas had nothing to do with this image.