... working on new 'flagship' site.

... after much research and hand ringing- I have chosen 'Viewbook' as the platform for my new main website. It is relatively easy to format and manipulate, has drop and drag editing and deleting, is as easy to upload to as Blog or Flickr, has great 'fullscreen' capability and it is available at a reasonable cost!

... did I mention that I can add and delete photos whenever I want?

... did I say that there is no 'code' to use?

... did I say that I want a commission for this post?

... somewhere outside of Barstow. in Chicago all those years I was captivated by the huge billboards. Lit up at dusk, looming huge over the speeding rivers of expressway traffic.

...this is the size I like my prints to be.

... meanwhile at U.N.C.L.E.

... boy, did I love 'The Man From UNCLE' when I was a kid! I used to dress up in my little suit, put on my plastic shoulder holster, and thwart the evil forces that threatened the free-world.

(Ah yes- for the young people in the audience; 'The Man From UNCLE' was an extremely popular mid-sixties TV series inspired by the original James Bond films.)

I recently added the stainless steel panel wall behind my model Katy, but was still not fully satisfied with the look. Then while working on the below 'Julie Quest' project I came across the missing link for this shot: the iconic emblem for the 'United Network Command for Law Enforcement'. So it all fits together as a wonderful flashback to my nine year-old adventures somewhere in the fortified secret UNCLE headquarters. If I can just get my 9mm Beretta out of my plastic shoulder holster I can save this lovely Russian double-agent from whatever evil is lurking just off camera!