... meanwhile at U.N.C.L.E.

... boy, did I love 'The Man From UNCLE' when I was a kid! I used to dress up in my little suit, put on my plastic shoulder holster, and thwart the evil forces that threatened the free-world.

(Ah yes- for the young people in the audience; 'The Man From UNCLE' was an extremely popular mid-sixties TV series inspired by the original James Bond films.)

I recently added the stainless steel panel wall behind my model Katy, but was still not fully satisfied with the look. Then while working on the below 'Julie Quest' project I came across the missing link for this shot: the iconic emblem for the 'United Network Command for Law Enforcement'. So it all fits together as a wonderful flashback to my nine year-old adventures somewhere in the fortified secret UNCLE headquarters. If I can just get my 9mm Beretta out of my plastic shoulder holster I can save this lovely Russian double-agent from whatever evil is lurking just off camera!