... Rough Rider artillery

...  I am currently working on a new 'flagship' website- which means that I am re-working, tweaking and otherwise polishing up all of my images again. This is 'the curse' of 21st Century digital imaging. It is now hard to imagine what it used to be like when the silver-based image, recorded on a piece of celluloid film was the lasting final statement.

So, a little work on the hat, add some cigarette ash and some additional space on the right side. ( It's so nice to break away from that damned long 35mm format.)

... World War 1 poster

... final re-work of an original from 1981, about a subject in 1917 and finally 'completed' in 2013. I guess I am bending time and space. 

... studio promo

... Sydney

... Belle with bullet-train

... solar array

... assembled from a limited selection of 'stock photography'. Jobs like this are always nail-biters, because I say to myself...'I've never done this before!'. Fortunately the client was not demanding on technical details and wanted images that gave emotional impact rather than engineering specifics. Originally commissioned for one illustration, in my enthusiasm ( and panic ) came up with two! For presentation to a regional zoning board.

... looks a lot better than the jumble of hospital exteriors they previously used.

... Miranda

... night angels

... people would often look at this and ask ... 'how did you do that?'
Now I look at it and ask ... how did I do that?

... dark angels

... reluctant to post nudes these days. Sad. Conservative times. One problem is that this image may be more memorable than the advertising photo below.

Is it my fault that this demonic vixen clutching herself in the midst of a zillion-volts of lightning is more interesting than a wholesome Yuppie eating cereal?

My Rep thinks that posts like this will make Midwest art directors go blind, Corporate photographers have seizures and the Fortune 500 collapse. Mobs of Christian Wall St. Bankers will be burning crosses in my front-yard! ... cool!
... from the same time in Chicago as the 'Birthday Cake' sample. Looking for main-stream imagery that catered to the omnipresent food industry of the Windy City. 

Originally shot on black and white 35mm film. Put through several incarnations of 'hand-coloring' to get the desired 'Rockwell Look'.

... favorite Sci-Fi

... Playboy Bunny as supernatural icon

... another from the Chicago years. Convinced Playboy to let me do a 'spec' project of a more stylized vision of the iconic Bunny hostesses of the legendary Playboy Clubs. This would have looked really good as a life sized, backlit, 'translux' on the walls of these dark and mysterious dens of demonic depravity. 'bwhahahahaha!'

... time for some ultra-cool Playboy tunes 
... strangely this is considered 'radical' imagery. 
Because it is different. Because it is so much better than what we usually see on the Internet. Not being judgmental, I must remember that 'different' from the competition puts some clients outside of their comfort zone.

... 'Media' site

... Medai Mentoring