... Kimmer vs. Giant Atomic Spiders!

... third revision is the charm! Color EFX filters for more cartoon 'pop' I thought the odds were a little lopsided. Especially since we can easily imagine that the streets of this post-apocalyptic city are a solid mass of these writhing, hungry man-eating arachnids. So I evened things up a little by giving Kimmer some back-up in the form of that Lockheed C-130A gunship that's rolling in for some very close fire support. 

"err ... standstill for a sec honey- this is bound to be close!"

That should whittle down those pesky varmits until the choppers show up!

... "Man's Adventure!'

... portrait - Matt

... even though I have lot's of commercial stock skies; I always seem to wind-up using my own shots. Must be an affinity for those local hometown Ohio clouds.

... Sherlock Holmes - again!

... web design - Dr. Ballitch

... Crusading to improve the Internet - one website at a time.

... Ava and the Tin Man