... Babysitters vs. Zombies!

... more in the continuing series "Girlz n' Gunz'

1931 ... USS Akron

... redo of shot with new 'Sparrow hawk' pilot.

... nightmares of Armageddon.

... sometimes I get up in the morning and I have no-idea of what sort of pictures I'm going to conjure into existence! Started out looking for historical images for the Cold-War section of my Pop-culture/ History site on Flickr. After a couple hours had this photo-assembly based on the original nose-cone shot from the Smithsonian Institute. This is the 9-megaton Hydrogen Bomb 'nose-cone' from a Titan II missile- after a re-entry test c. 1959. Could have been a nice ad for General Electric who built it. The tricycle is nice for size reference. Now I should write the swell folks at the Smithsonian for permission to do what already has been done. Technically I'm OK as long as I do not make any money off the project. But these computer driven cross-pollinations make me uneasy. Maybe I'll offer it to them as a free 'update' to the original image in return for an official pardon.

- historical details here

... evolution of a 'snapshot'

... I have to be careful; people will be hiding from me next time I go to a cookout!