... nightmares of Armageddon.

... sometimes I get up in the morning and I have no-idea of what sort of pictures I'm going to conjure into existence! Started out looking for historical images for the Cold-War section of my Pop-culture/ History site on Flickr. After a couple hours had this photo-assembly based on the original nose-cone shot from the Smithsonian Institute. This is the 9-megaton Hydrogen Bomb 'nose-cone' from a Titan II missile- after a re-entry test c. 1959. Could have been a nice ad for General Electric who built it. The tricycle is nice for size reference. Now I should write the swell folks at the Smithsonian for permission to do what already has been done. Technically I'm OK as long as I do not make any money off the project. But these computer driven cross-pollinations make me uneasy. Maybe I'll offer it to them as a free 'update' to the original image in return for an official pardon.

- historical details here