... 'Presidential' lighting

... this is the lighting I had set up if the Presidential Portrait Project had gone through on Wednesday Sept. 26. Hunky assistant Jason Chicatelli is the stand-in. Jason says he'll be announcing his candidacy shortly!

... Presidential Portrait Project

... if you're going to dream- dream big! As soon as the local newspaper editor gave me a flash that President Barack Obama was going to be in Kent for a campaign rally I knew I had to make an all out effort to get him to the studio for a 10 min portrait session!

For the next 5 days I campaigned 'feverishly'. Calling, e-mailing, tweeting to everyone I could find who had anything to do with the trip. As it played out, besides the rally at the University,  the President did not make any other stops in Kent. I will continue to try.

... see the link for more details-

... the captured Princesses.

... they actually are sisters.

... Bomber Pilot - 1943

... I am very happy with the B-17 Flying Fortresses in this shot. Even though I did it; I find it hard to accept they were pasted together from a movie screen-cap and several old news photos. Good old British fog helped a lot. 

The continuing challenge of digital is believing I can do more than I think I can!