... Vegas Baby!

... I have wanted to do aircraft 'nose-art' for a long time. Sadly- the B-52B Stratofortress from Carswell, AFB Texas exists only as a digital dream.

... Bob

... hoisery - Carson Pirie Scott

... Battle For Mars!

... hell to pay!

... I am beginning to get the hang of Corel Painter Essentials!

I got the 'Essentials' because it was cheap! But I found that the stripped down version was much easier to work with and did not overwhelm my ancient computer or ancient me!

... battling washerwomen!

... Romeo and Juliet

... always fun to take a different look at these all time classic lovers.

... politics

... I had a lot of fun putting together a series of 'get out the Ohio vote' images!

... house move

... here's a 'before and after' to illustrate a proposed move of a Historical House.