... Jeanine O'Connel

... great models are a very rare and special kind of actress. Almost reminiscent of the silent movie days. They seem to telepathically transform into the fantasy character that a good photographer projects onto them. It's spooky. 

... they're here!

... hats off to my Kent State Intern- Sam Hedrick. For teaching me all about 'kerning' and 'justifying' type and for being the lighting sit-in which sometimes developed into a final project.

... going thru the files

 .... 1983 - outtake from a sweater ad for Marshall Field's - had Jeanine booked but my choice for the brunette was n/a - agent talked me into a new-comer named Cindy Crawford...

... book cover - all too relevant!

... another example of the super-realism that can be accomplished by shooting in the studio-     based on pre-concieved vision.

... medical - immunity

... photo-illustration for Ciba-Geigy

... Internet marketing buzzwords

... oh boy- couldn't have said it better!  Immediately going into the 'client education' folder.
Wonder where I can get that electrical helmet?