... completed projects: 2012

 ... sort of a digital bulletin board. Started in order to keep track of the various projects underway. Turns out to be a nice little diary- what I did that year sort of thing.

... Ava and the Wolves

... Ava- portrait

... I always joke about the terrors of child photography. But my actual experience is quite the opposite. Perhaps because I am not doing it for money. The experience is more like a gift. It is profound and shakes me to my core.

... nude with Super-Sabre

... could there be any better fantasy for a kid that grew-up during the Cold War?

... Niki- prone

... for me- the 'digital process' is more and more open-ended. Which translates to mean that as I learn more and more and become more confident of my abilities a 'photo-illustrator' ; I will repost the new and improved version of a previous project. This is one of the greatest differences between the analog and the digital photo experience. An image can be refined and rethought like a painting.

... ha- wouldn't you know it! After all that philosophical pontificating I went looking for the 'old post' to delete- and it was never there in the first place!

... Tammy- black leather

...  recreating the look of some of my early black and white film work has been one of the biggest challenges of digital. This is a scan from an original Panatomic-X negative. I am reproducing the look of a 'negative-diffusion' which creates a very slight 'halation' in the dark areas. Originally this was done by putting a filter on the enlarger lens made from a ladies stocking. Not just any stocking; but a real silk black stocking. The sort that comes in a pair and is held up by a garter belt. Which meant you had to take a field-trip to the lingerie department of the big Chicago Marshall Field's department store downtown and flash your official fashion-photographer badge.

Made the whole thing sexy and sort of film-noir. Like a Sam Spade movie.

The model is Tammy Tungate. She was Miss Missouri and came damn close to becoming Miss America. Which would have meant that for a brief time I would have been dating (corrupting) Miss America. Ah, the good old days!

... Girl and T-Rex

... this is a recently revised version. This is the watershed project entitled: 'If I can do a girl riding a dinosaur... than I can do anything!'. You know- it's an empowerment sort of thing. ooorah!

1983 ... Cindy Crawford

... I think this was from our second shoot together. At the time we shot it I was not very happy with the results. I kept futzing with the lights and the curtains. The lingerie we were shooting for a Chicago department store was conservative and boring.

I came across the proof sheets recently and realized there might be something there I gad missed. I scanned the negatives and zoomed in; cropping a lot tighter than would have been possible with an old style darkroom and enlarger.

There it was! An elusive moment with of a very young, not yet famous, Cindy Crawford that had waited thirty years to be found.