... Tammy- black leather

...  recreating the look of some of my early black and white film work has been one of the biggest challenges of digital. This is a scan from an original Panatomic-X negative. I am reproducing the look of a 'negative-diffusion' which creates a very slight 'halation' in the dark areas. Originally this was done by putting a filter on the enlarger lens made from a ladies stocking. Not just any stocking; but a real silk black stocking. The sort that comes in a pair and is held up by a garter belt. Which meant you had to take a field-trip to the lingerie department of the big Chicago Marshall Field's department store downtown and flash your official fashion-photographer badge.

Made the whole thing sexy and sort of film-noir. Like a Sam Spade movie.

The model is Tammy Tungate. She was Miss Missouri and came damn close to becoming Miss America. Which would have meant that for a brief time I would have been dating (corrupting) Miss America. Ah, the good old days!