... a better paint job!

... for the 23 years the 747 version of Air force One has been in service I have hated the paint job! (Livery). Finally took the time to redesign it. The top is the current 'Whale' look- or "Big Blue Pigeon' The two below are my proposed designs. If you agree that this National Symbol could look a lot better- copy and paste this link to the illustration, blame me, and send to: Brigadier General Jacqueline D. Van Ovost :Commanders Action Line ...

... live and work

... where I live and work - 'the studio' is a 20 ft. commute out the sliding doors.

... stages- 'A Princess of Mars'

... scan from original 1984 35mm negative

... hmmm- testing different 'sidekicks'

... final 'painting'

... placing with 'distressed' cover

... more experiments with 'pulp'

... different 'signatures'

... having fun creating a different style of signature to add to each style of 'photo-illustration'. 
The latest 'in the style of ' boyhood hero Frank Frazetta.