... 'on location' IN the studio

... the client wanted photography and design for a website that stood out from the other generic and boring legal services websites. The need was to show and explain various activities associated with his work as a forensic psychologist and expert witness.
It was initially suggested to shoot at several courtroom and office locations. This would involve extensive logistics, lighting and permissions challenges.
(It would take a lot of time and money)

Often, location photography is the first choice because the client is not aware that there are other options.
I proposed a solution where I would photograph the client in studio, against a green-screen background. I would then construct backgrounds in Photoshop to suggest different activities and locations.

It was agreed that a lighting and shooting style suggesting a black and white 'photo-story'. This would convey a serious and dramatic tone that would fit the subject matter.

Result: exactly the message the client wanted for one fifth the time, money and energy of a location shoot!

( I also do not know why many of my BW images are coming out 'sepia' on Blogger?)