... Polaroid dreams!

... studio photographers used to rely on shooting Polaroid images to check the true look and exposure of the light from the huge blasts of strobe power. Although only a rough indication, because of the unique color and rendering properties of 'instant pictures', they were part of the alchemy and magic of the fashion photographers world. Using a jewelers 'loupe' we would press them close to our eye for a magnified look- inhaling the thick fumes of the developers and fixers from the still wet print. For me it was the first and often 'true' image. Nothing to follow, whether film or print, would have the same emotional impact.

( in the interest of historical/technical accuracy blah, blah; the above images are shown in a 'SX-70' Polaroid "Time-Zero Supercolorformat" [1980] and not the '668' format in which they were originally shot.)

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