... avenging angel 'Domencia Ascenza'

... "Domencia Ascenza" is the models real first and second name!

... lost princess of the bowling alley.

... the theme of 'lost princesses' goes way back to my high school days. I had frequent infatuations with girls from 'the wrong side of the tracks'.

... the somewhat surrealistic look of combining natural and artificial light with a semi-wide-angle view is personally a lot of fun. But it is a flavor of built in irony that I am not sure a lot of 'young-people' can readily absorb. Being an artist working in the center of popular culture is always slightly schizophrenic.

... of course, if you are familar with my work, you know that this is shot 'in studio'. So it has the double weirdness of being an 'artificial' creation of something that is supposed to look artificial when it was a 'real' set-up.

... zombies have no sense of humor.

... hordes of Zombies are not easy to come by; fortunately there are plenty of screen-caps available to be manipulated and intermixed. I find that all of my prop weapons, although claimed to be 'life-size' are at least 20% undersized. Oh well, just requires tedious up-sizing.

... I am getting more comfortable with using the 'fantasy signature' on images.

... "Bloody MacDonald McVee"

... final realization of what started out as a portrait of a good friend and a Photoshop filter test. I seem to be at a mid-point between preconceived and applied CGI.

... logo design.

... the 'wonderful world of digital' allows me to stumble around in areas that I originally never would have dreamed possible! Actually- I think it's a nice 'solution' for a company that manufactures machines that pump steel in lava form.

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... bride with seamstresses.

... made some much needed corrections to this shot from the 'Chicago Period'.