... Ingrid - 007 poster

... Tiffany - forest.

... am finally happy with the shadow effect in this shot. Shadows carry a very strong psychological effect; they tell us a lot about the 'environment' of the subject. Plus we are hard-wired from Neanderthal days to pay attention to what may be lurking in the shadows!

... Einstein - EVA

... back in the day every kid knew that EVA stood for "Extra-Vehicular Activity". Here's Albert all suited up and ready to take a stroll in outer-space. 
"How ya doin' Al?"
"Yah- vat? Oh- yah very goot!"

... I think we need a little '2001' soundtrack here.

... Einstein - NASA portrait.

... finally am happy with the skin color on this. Nothing harder than converting a black and white image into believable, contemporary, color! (then modifying it for the over-saturation of the Internet)

... Allie

... this is what I call "shiny-happy" lighting - and it certainly is! Every once in awhile i have to stop doing "girlz-n-gunz" and Zombie Apocalypse shots and get my "All-American Commercial" card re-certified. Take that Sears and Roebuck!

... Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast At Tiffany's" (1961)

... these are 'spin-offs' from a project for American Greetings. There are similar publicity photos that were done for the movie at the time- but nothing like this!

How these were produced remains top-secret. But I will say that bending that much space and time did bring down the Northeast Ohio power-grid for a few minutes.

... Captain America.

... relevant or not - I feel obliged to say that this shot was done in the early 1980's; way before the resurgence of Super-Heroes. I lucked into an actor that was serving as the 'official' Captain America and Spider-man for Marvel Comics.

... Carrie-Lynn with slingshot.