... Judy: "Death Calls Collect!"

... baby and clock

... portrait of an artist.

... portrait of artist- painter Neil MacDonald.

... test covers!

... this past month I have spent a lot of time experimenting with the 'self-publishing tool' called Issuu. Very early in my career it became obvious how much better I liked my work in context. In other words; being put to the use it was intended, rather than standing alone as a piece of Art. 

Issuu is a great tool for this. Not only can I show my photographs in an editorial environment, but I am in complete control of the art direction; so I can show them off to their best advantage. I get to preach the gospel of clean, uncluttered layout and strong powerful photographic images.

... a little 'before and after'

... some sprucing up for an architectural client. To be fair; all I really did was a quick scrub of the building, some fresh blacktop and a considerable improvement in the weather.

... Alex- lingerie

... originally shot on Kodak 2415 - which turned out to be a 35mm version of microfilm! They promised no-grain and they were right! (hell to develope).

... Holly: Images for the 80's - layout

... Rangers

... Solar Farm

... this is one of the first projects where I worked entirely from stock and constructed images. The aerial view is actually built from a Google Earth image!

... architecture- from the C.A.D.

... pumping molten steel!

... executive portraits: Clifford Woods

... "Electric Orgasm"

... early experiments in high-speed film with slow-exposures and electronic flash.

... sci-fi backgrounds

 ... playing around with 'found stock' (which means so completely changed around that I can't even remember where it came from).

... Cindy Crawford for Marshall Field's

... a previously overlooked closeup from a department store shoot with Cindy in 1983.

... architectural

... fun project with an unusually honest portrayal of local weather! From snapshots provided by client.

... singer promos.

... Julie recruits!

... Julie's look was a 'type'. A classic, resonant face and personality. That's one of the strengths of certain models; they remind you of people that you think well of. Here i was imitating the strength and appeal of World War II recruiting posters for the WACS and the WAVES.

... Julie in Mexico!

... shooting for Marshall Field's, during a freezing Winter - it was always nice to take a break and get warm shooting resort-wear. (if only in our imaginations.)