... "Working for the Rabbit"

... some more of my recent work with 'Issuu' (promotional publishing site). Over the years I have seen a lot of people go into bankruptcy trying to start their own magazine. Now that we live in The Future - I can 'publish' just what I want, when I want, exactly like I want. I am hoping that showing my images in the sort of context for which they are intended will generate interest from art directors. The best way to sell an idea is to show it! ... LINK

... cover proposal.

... here I am breaking 'the rules' again. Seems to me the whole point of a book cover is to stand-out on amongst all the competition on the rack. So; you put the eyes at the top. 
Hard to miss them staring out at you.

... working for the rabbit!

... dangerous doll.


... "In Contempt of Court!"

... more experiments with the Issuu format. This is fun, because it let's me explain a unique solution to a problem that I am rather proud of.

... new 'magazine'

... I have been spending a lot of time experimenting with the online magazine format at Issuu. We used to joke that every photographer dreamed of growing-up and having their own magazine. Well, this is pretty close to that dream (without the financial bankruptcy).


... promo pieces

... up on my high horse again - pushing people to be more creative!

... Kimmer

... caricature - Hillary Clinton